It has never been so easy to improve your processes until now. Our turbomolecular vacuum pumps from the TURBOVAC i/iX family are the best choice if you want to unify design, perfomance and cost efficiency.

We offer them in two family variants: 

TURBOVAC 90-450 i and TURBOVAC 90-450 iX

  • TURBOVAC 90-450 i

    Countless options

    The TURBOVAC i/iX family offers numerous options to meet all of your application‘s requirements. All versions of the TURBOVAC i/iX family are available with an additional interstage port that will allow you to pump down a second chamber. In order to reach the highest possible level of comfort during installation, operation and control, TURBOVAC i/iX offers features such as a rotatable fore-vacuum flange connection, an integrated electronic drive with 24/48V DC supply and an operator interface with USB, RS485 and digital I/O connections. Additional interface options are available on demand.

  • TURBOVAC 90-450 iX

    Advantages at a glance

    • Price & Performance: Best performance for your investment
    • Flexible & Fast: High level of product flexibility – a perfect match for your application requirements
    • Plug & Play: Simple and easy installation, operation and control thanks to flexible product design, integrated electronics and wide range of communication interfaces
    • Fit & Forget: Superior reliability due to an innovative pump design and the unique oil-free hybrid bearing concept with lifetime-lubricated ball bearings available in the market today