Leak Detector Services: On-site Expert Support

More than just maintenance or repair!

Leak detector services

Your expectation:

  • Fast and qualified detection of leaks in your vacuum systems
  • Professional leak detection without investment in expensive detection systems

Our solution:

Leak detection through our experts

Our experienced service technicians find leaks quickly and efficiently even in complex systems and give recommendations to solve the problem.

We use the newest, helium & hydrogen based leak detectors from Leybold.

Your benefit:

  • Faster ready for production through efficient detection of vacuum leaks
  • Customised leak detection records
  • If requested, the service technician on site can assist in the repair process
  • Training provided by skilled vacuum experts

Book your service now with Leybold, as an original equipment manufacturer we are able to bring your leak detector back to its prime!

Scope of supply:

  • Visual inspection and performance check
  • Calibration of mass spectrometer
  • Oil change in the backing pump, valve block cleaning
  • Exchange of the complete valve block gaskets
  • Cleaning and exchange of filter pads and exhaust filter
  • Internal leak test
  • Internal calibration, inspection with DKD certified test leak
  • Documentation of device parameters
  • 12 month warranty on the listed services

Leak Detection Seminars

Leybold UK is now offering Training and Examinations according to “DIN EN ISO 9712”, with a flexible choice of seminars that run throughout the year.

Individual Seminars are also available in different languages. The Leybold Academy is approved by “SECTOR Cert Gmbh” according to DIN 45013, DIN EN 473 and DIN EN ISO 9712.


  • Understanding basic vacuum technology.
  • A hands on practical experience with leak detection.
  • Knowledge on advanced leak detection for candidates preparing for exams in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9712.