Expand your Vacuum Knowledge with Leybold's Vacuum Academy

The Vacuum Academy aims to help you develop your vacuum knowledge with our Bespoke Fundamentals of Vacuum and Leak Detection courses. Each course covers detailed topics on a broad range of Pumps and Leak detectors that are tailored for your application.

We offer a 3 day course which covers both the Fundamentals of Vacuum and leak detection as well as 2 day courses where you can study each subject separately. The courses are delivered by a highly experienced and fully trained OLV engineer and can be carried out in our Chessington site or at your home site location. 

Course content:

Fundimentals of Vacuum Technology

  • Properties of gases
  • Kinetic theory of gases
  • Vapour and vapour pressure
  • Interaction of gases with solids
  • Flow of gases
  • Pumpdown times
  • Types of vacuum pumps and operating principles
  • Pressure measurements and vacuum gauges

Basic Leak Detection

  • Helium leak detection
  • Methods of leak detection
  • Range of PHOENIX leak detectors
  • Calibration and test leaks
  • Principles of vacuum method
  • Principles of sniffing method
  • Partial flow, method and principles
  • Best leak detection method selection