Safety notice

Restarting after plant shutdown

We contribute to safeguarding your production process.

We hope you and your family are well. The measures taken against the COVID-19 virus have placed restrictions on us as a society and have also led to plant shutdowns as well as disruptions in production. Following the pandemic, restarting the production facilities in a controlled manner will be necessary in order to guarantee their value, functionality and safety, not to mention the health of your employees.

A long shutdown period can cause some unexpected event during the restart. Here are some recommendations to reduce unforeseen effects:

  • Flush the pump and change the oil: contamination present in the oil can leave deposits and block lubricating parts affecting pump performance and lifetime.
  • Replace shaft seals: shutdown may have caused some internal parts to deform, leading to internal leaks.

We recommend that our customer service team support you. Our start-up support and assisted plant recommissioning service can help prevent serious issues from occurring.

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    Safety notice

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