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Mission/Purpose of the Job:

The Quality Engineer supports the maintained compliancy within their STC to ISO9001:2015. ISO14001, ISO45001 (or local equivalent) and Vacuum Technique Quality standards at all times. The emphasis being on reliability, repeatability and safety. This enables proactive continuous improvement and optimisation solutions.

The Quality Engineer operates within their local STC Quality team.

The Quality Engineer must interface with all levels within the STC operational environment. The Quality Engineer is responsible for providing transparency for Quality related issues that both globally impact and benefit.

Main Responsibilities:
  1. Supports the reduction in defective parts, process errors/inefficiencies and warranty costs.
  1. Supports the service technology centre in continuously maintaining compliance to ISO9001 Quality Management System and all applicable Excellence Quality Element Documents.
  1. Supports adherence of ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO45001 Health and Safety Management System, Vacuum Technique Quality Management System or local equivalents.
  1. Supports the Service Technology Centre Vacuum Technique Production System methodology, behaviour adherence with a strong focus on 6S and training.
  1. Supports on time change distribution. Responsible for communicating SIB (Service Information Bulletin) briefing, SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), GSG (Global Service Group), ST (Service Test) updates that are located within the SharePoint, service SBU.
  1. The Quality Engineer can be both Responsible and Supportive for any training rollout of any global quality standard process, document improvement within their service technology centre within a specified time line if there is a requirement to do so.
  1. Supports co-ordination and reporting of FRACAS (Failure Reporting Analysis Corrective Action System).
  1. Responsible, supports and could be consulted or informed on Quality Assurance, test, failure analysis (FTTPR), customer feedback non-conformances through Root Cause Analysis. The Quality Engineer supports the cycle from identification to effective closure, ensuring that any identified non-conformance has been 100% mitigated or stabilised. The Quality Engineer must relay all non-conformances that cannot be solved within the service technology centre and understand whether each one impacts locally or globally.
  1. Supports all continuous improvement activities by supporting the service technology centre Quality manager by actively taking part in reviews and observations in internal and external customer audits as required – systems and procedures. This includes identification and execution of corrective and permanent actions.
  1. Responsible for supporting the Service Technology Centre PFMEA activity that identifies and mitigates all identified potential risks using the appropriate quality tools. Supports all process reviews.
  1. The Quality Engineer can be both Responsible and Supportive for all aspects of the calibration process.
  1. Supports the justification of service technology centre warranty by the provision of evidence.

The joining member will be given opportunity to develop following skills/proficencies;

  • Be knowledgeable about manufacturing and service best practice.
  • Have an analytical mindset to effectively communicate to any engineer or zone member what results from any analysis undertaken means to be able to solve any complex issue.
  • Be proficient or gain proficiency with process development and continuous improvement through their individual development plan or completion of core Edwards Vacuum Limited in-house training material and assessments.
  • The employee must put into effect adherence to all standards, Vacuum Technique Production System – ‘right from me’ approach.
  • Integrate effectively with both local and global quality teams.
  • Put into effect total preventative maintenance, ensuring that all tooling is always within calibration and is ‘fit for purpose’.
  • Be the link between the service technology centre and the supplier, resolving all non-conformance quality issues relating to raw materials

Ensure that all latest revision global documentation relating to process and procedure is available, visible, trained and understood by the service technology team, monitored and controlled.

About Edwards

Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, exhaust management systems and related value-added services. Edwards solutions are integral to manufacturing processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells. They are also used within an increasingly diverse range of industrial processes including power, glass and other coating applications; steel and other metallurgy; pharmaceutical and chemical; and for scientific instruments in a wide range of R&D applications.

Edwards has over 4,000 employees worldwide engaged in the design, manufacture and support of high technology vacuum and exhaust management equipment. Edwards has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and North America.

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