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1. 根据出货计划,安排出口提货,清关,单据及追踪。

According to shipment schedule, prepare export documentation, arrange pick up. Customs clearance and tracking
2. 根据物料计划提供的需求时间,审核进口成本,安排物料的提货,国际运输及进口清关,确保按时生产。

Based on material demand plan, arrange pickup, transportation and customs clearance
3. 与海关商检部门沟通,关注最新政策,进出口合规,产品税号归类,文件及其授权备案,特许权使用费年度报批。

Working with government, responsible for HS code classification, certification application and disclosure fee application
4. 协助其他部门进行设备,原料,样品进出口&国内运输事宜。

To support the other department for import / export shipments
5. 配合财务进行收付汇及运费结算,保险,税务,预算等相关业务。

Working with finance on about duty / VAT, freight, cost, insurance business
6. 协调货代&车队,改善L/T,物流降本。

Coordinate with forwarder for KPI management, lead time shorten and cost control
7. SAP系统在途货物管控

SAP in transit material management

8. 优化操作流程

Optimize operation process

8. 领导分配的其他任务

The other tasks assigned

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