Mechanical vacuum systems are strong, reliable and high-performance systems for the efficient operation of PET degassing. The dry mechanical pumps used within the system are fully reliable and guarantee a long life of the pump and the system.

Increasing environmental awareness and the consequently increased use of recycled PET, result in growing demands for vacuum systems.

Of course the pumping of condensable vapors and high water content should not lead to intensive maintenance. Therefore, we use a dry pump with an oil-free pumping chamber. The selected screw pump works with inner rotor cooling for moderate and homogeneous temperature profile, which slows down the development of layers. Through additional oil injection, which we can be adapted to the process, we can realize long operating times.

With the help of intelligent control, separators upstream and downstream of the system, and the use of standard pumps in different combinations, we are able also to fulfil the highest demands in a cost-efficient  way. For the selection of the pump, our customers emphasized the importance of being able to perform the cleaning work themselves. The use of the dry fore vacuum pump with a removable suction chamber ensured that this could be realized end user-friendly.