GAEDE Prize 2018 awarded to G. Parkinson

Since 1986, the GAEDE Prize has been awarded to younger scientists for the purpose of promoting careers and honors work in basic research, application and process engineering in the fields of vacuum physics and technology, thin films, surface physics, materials and processes in solid-state electronics, nanostructure sciences and technology.

On March 13, President Prof. Dr. R. Heuer of the German Physical Society DPG awarded this year's GAEDE Prize to Dr. G. Parkinson of the TU Vienna for his groundbreaking experimental work on iron oxide surfaces as model systems for single atom catalysis. The award ceremony took place during the celebratory meeting of the Spring Conference of the Condensed Matter Section at the TU Berlin. Every year, this conference brings together well over 6,000 physicists from all over the world, making it the largest physics congress in Europe.

The GAEDE Prize is financed by the GAEDE Foundation, which was founded in 1986 by Dr. Manfred Dunkel, long-time owner and Managing Director of Leybold, and honors the achievements of Wolfgang Gaede. Today, the GAEDE Prize is awarded annually by the German Physical Society.

It is endowed with a prize money of 10,000 €, a certificate and a model of the first molecular pump developed by Prof. Wolfgang Gaede in 1912. This pump was one of the many inventions that emerged from Gaede's close cooperation with the company Leybold in Cologne and revolutionized vacuum technology. Leybold still supports the GAEDE Foundation today by an intensive cooperation within the prize committee and the board. History is being carried on: the apprentices of Leybold manually produce the models of the molecular pump each year.

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