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  • Tenders:100% participatio in relevant tenders with 100% accuracy atleast 1 day in advance from the due date. All bids to be submitted atleast one day prior to tender due date to avoid failures to bid
  • MIS:Mothly MIS to be generated on Quotations (including Tenders) generated in the month segregated under SCV,VIN & VPS on 1st working day of the succeeding month along with NPI Quotes submitted and current status of these enquiries
  • Back office support- Submit offer to customers withi 2 working days from the date of receipt of Enquiry In addition to the above, to act as a Support to the South & East Team as and when there is a need
  • Customer Satisfaction- Aim at 100% customer satisfactio for local customer service orders booked through direct involvement with customer by coordinating with local OM team as well as Service Manager West to ensure timely delivery.
  • Accout Receivables & EMD Collection - Help the Service as well as Sales Team i South & East in timley & bsp; collection of o/s as and when the bills are due for both local & Euro billed customers of West who are supplied on credit.
  • Also ensure timely collection of EMDs by keeping track of submitted tender bids (both successful and unsuccessful).
  • Lead Generation- Aim at geerating atleast 15 leads in 2018 for the All India Sales Team to take it forward out of which 20% leads should be outside south India

About Leybold

Leybold employs more than 1660 people on four continents. Most of them have a scientific or engineering background.
Their knowledge, creativity and experience are a prerequisite for the pronounced innovativeness of the company and hence for its success.
The requirements of high-tech industry and the cultural diversity of our global company provide for an attractive and stimulating working environment. We therefore look for employees who do not only have the required technical skills but also have extensive soft skills and are able to work in and with international project teams.
For this reason, we place great importance on staff development and a continuous exchange of knowledge. Various education and training programs provide technical know-how and enhance basic skills. Thus, the personal development of each employee is promoted systematically.

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