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Leybold seminars

Leybold Vacuum Academy

Extend your knowledge and work more efficiently.

Welcome to the Leybold Vacuum Academy

Do you wish to understand vacuum technology and get practical hands-on tranining? If yes, you are in the right place. Leybold Vacuum Academy is our dedicated education center.

Our comprehensive programs, include systematic trainings covering the whole area of vacuum technology, basic seminars for technicians as well as non-technical employees, advanced seminars, leak detection seminars or practical, hands-on seminars.

Are you looking for more specific trainings? We also offer customized seminars, tailored to your individual needs. 

Explore our offers and contact our experts for further support.


What are the benefits of joining the Leybold Vacuum Academy?

Stay up to date on new vacuum technology innovations

Learn more about rough, medium, high, and ultra-high vacuums to master vacuum technologies in qualified hands-on training.

Discover how to easily detect and remove vacuum leaks

Vacuum systems require a big investment. Regardless of the application, we want to make sure you optimize your resources, and proper leak detection is fundamental when it comes to vacuum systems.

Learn how to properly maintain your vacuum pumps

For optimal performance, we recommend you conduct preventive maintenance on your vacuum systems. Thanks to practical expertise transferred from our seminars, you will increase your knowledge in vacuum maintenance and learn how to keep your equipment in optimal conditions.

What seminars do we offer?

Whether you have years of experience or you are new in the field, Leybold Vacuum Academy has a wide variety of seminars carefully curated to keep you up to date on new vacuum technologies, answer your questions, and support your experience with your vacuum systems. 

Vacuum seminars for beginners

In these seminars, our expert Academy members introduce you to vacuum technologies and the necessary basics required in the industry.

Target group: Anybody from your organization looking to learn more about vacuum knowledge. 

Previous Knowledge: Technical understanding.

Duration: 2 Days

Leak detection seminars

In our leak detection seminar, we offer in-depth treatment of special areas and topics about leak detection technology.

Duration: 2 days

Target group: Newcomers to the helium leak detection technique and operators of leak detectors 

Seminar goal: Understand the basics of leak detection, being able to operate leak detectors, calibrate the leak detector and locate leaks

Previous Knowledge: The participant must have a technical understanding or sufficient previous experience with vacuum pumps and/or systems

Practical Seminars

In our practical seminars, we train the theory of the pumping principles as well as practical maintenance and repair work.

We offer seminars regarding: 

  • Two-stage rotary vane pumps up to 65 m/h 
  • Single-stage rotary vane pumps up to 300 m/h
  • Dry compressing scroll pumps.
  • Roots pumps (Roots blowers) up to 2000 m/h


  • Fundamentals of vacuum technology
  • Operating principle of rotary vane pumps
  • Gas ballast operation
  • Anti oil back streaming valve

Duration: 2 days

Target group: Operating and maintenance personnel  

Seminar goal: The participant receives theoretical and practical pre-requisites for the maintenance of rotary vane pumps for a long-lasting operation

Previous Knowledge: An education in technical fundamentals or technical skills is expected. Additionally, if available, safety shoes and safety glasses are required.

Customer specific seminars

These seminars will be held upon special agreement in Cologne or at the customer's site. 

  • Topics depending on the specific agreement
  • Practical part depending on the specific agreement 
  • Equipment of Leybold or equipment of the customer
  • Seminar duration and dates depending on the specific agreement and according to customer requirements

Upon request, customer-specific seminars can also be held in the local language.

Content, duration, and dates will be agreed upon individually with you, whereby the previous knowledge of your employees/colleagues will be taken into account in the planning,

To make you feel comfortable with us, our seminars include the following services: 

  • Lunch in our own company restaurant
  • Snacks and soft drinks during the seminar breaks in the morning and afternoon

We also offer on-site vacuum seminars at the location of your choice.

Do you want more information? Contact our experts.

When is the next seminar?

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How to register for a seminar?

If you are interested in attending our seminars, have a question or need information please do not hesitate to contact our Leybold Vacuum Academy team:

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