The ideal pumping station for independent residual gas analysis

The LEYSPEC Cart combines a high performing Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) LEYSPEC together with a TURBOLAB pumping system, which consists of a TURBOVAC i turbomolecular vacuum pump and a dry compressing SCROLLVAC plus scroll pump.

Mounted on wheels it gives you full mobility!

You get all the benefits you need in one device for several production tools.

Markets and applications:

LEYSPEC carts were developed to serve the many applications that require higher vacuum pressure.

The most important markets for these mobile pumping stations are coating, steel degassing and industrial drying. However every other market where gas analysis is needed will benefit from this pump system.

Modular platform, easy service

Experience unrivalled gas analysis with the Leybold LEYSPEC cart. 

The combination of a high performance pumping station TURBOLAB with a LEYSPEC residual gas analyzer offers efficient and flexible gas analysis, regardless of your pressure. 

Moreover it can be connected to any process using a fine-dosing UHV valve. Bakeout  is  now  possible  through  the all-metal construction which allows a clean operation during  residual  gas  analysis.

Thus,  you  can perform it wherever needed, being fully mobile for many processes and applications.

Advantages at a glance:

Quick measurement readiness: due to the pumping system consisting of a turbomolecular pump TURBOVAC 250 i and a dry backing pump SCROLLVAC 7

Integrated process control thanks to the TURBOLAB pumping station

Very easy and intuitive operation via the LEYSPEC software requiring no lengthy training

Mobile residual gas analysis at any point of your process or chamber

Bakeable to fully focus on your process gases

Pressure independent residual gas analysis – even under atmospheric pressure

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PDF    317.9 kB