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Cryo pumps, the gas entrapment vacuum pumps.

 Our pumps cover the pressure range from 10-3 to ≤ 10-11 mbar.

The principle of operation is that gaseous substances are bound to the cold surfaces within the pump by means of cryocondensation, cryosorption or cryotrapping.

Cryo pumps do not have any mechanically moving, oil or grease lubricated parts on the vacuum side. 

In order to produce high or ultra-high vacuum, the cold surfaces/cryo panels must be cooled to a sufficiently low temperature. They are cooled by the well-proven, highly reliable one or two-stage refrigerators from Leybold’s COOLPOWER i line (Gifford/McMahon principle). 


The pumping speed for all gases as well as air is highly effective. Even more so for water (H2O) and hydrogen (H2). The cooling performance and cool down can be increased by variable motor speed of the cold head as well as the compressor.

Built with reliable COOLPOWER i cold heads and COOLPAK i compressors. 

Cryo pumps are insensitive to mechanical disturbances from particles coming from the process or external vibrations. 

The Leybold cryo pumps are easy to operate with automatic control and monitoring of the iSmartLine (iSL) using a COOL.DRIVE i or CRYOVISION. 

These pumps are also easy to maintain. The parts can be replaced onsite without removal of the pump from the system. 

Low running costs especially at higher pumping speeds

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