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Handheld helium leak detector

Fast & accurate leak detection

The only credible and most accurate method to detect leaks smaller than 1x10-6 mbar*l/s is with a helium handheld leak detector. A leak diameter for 1x10-12 mbar*l/s (which equates to 1Å) is also the diameter of a helium molecule and is the smallest leak rate that can be detected. 

Particularly well suited for operators in the car industry

As well as any other refrigerant gas detection applications in:

  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratory & Research
  • Medical
  • Quality assurance

Check out the advantages!

Due to its light weight, PHOENIX MOBILIS can be operated with one hand. It features a clear display with back light for easy reading of results as well as an intuitive keypad. PHOENIX MOBILIS provides for reliable and repeatable measurements, and storage of your readings on the device.

PHOENIX MOBILIS enables a fast and effective detection of almost any gas/gas mixture and is particularly accurate to ammonia, helium or hydrogen amongst others. Maximum Sensitivity is provided through small internal flow rates.

PHOENIX MOBILIS features an audible alarm of 90 dBA at 10 cm and a flashing display.

When switched on, PHOENIX MOBILIS automatically zeros to the ambient surrounding air.

For both consumables and parts.

Due to its small size, PHOENIX MOBILIS can be easily used in places that are difficult to reach. It allows for a wide choice of readings in cc/sec,g/ yr, mg/m³.

PHOENIX MOBILIS comes with a standard warranty period of 2 years.

PHOENIX MOBILIS MAG: Magnetic field resistant version

The PHOENIX MOBILIS MAG operates perfectly in a high magnetic field found around a MRI.

It can be used without interruptions even while the MRI is running and will provide you with reliable and repeatable measurements.

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