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COOLVAC 10000 - Cryogenic Pump front view


Cryogenic vacuum pumps

Gas entrapment pumps

COOLVAC vacuum pumps are refrigerator cryo pumps which generate a vacuum when gaseous substances are bound to the cold surfaces within the pump by means of cryocondensation. They are used for the generation of ultra-high vacuum.

Because of the pumping principle COOLVAC cryo pumps have a high effective pumping speed for all gases. COOLVAC vacuum pumps produce a hydrocarbon free ultra-high vacuum in the pressure range from 10-3 mbar to 10-11 mbar.

All cryo pumps from the COOLVAC range are equipped with all safety related components, particularly with a safety valve which is equipped with an additional DN 40 KF flange for connection of an exhaust line.

The pump’s body is made of high-quality stainless steel. Helium compressors from the COOLPAK i range are required for operating the COOLPOWER i cold heads, which are incorporated within the COOLVAC i range of cryo pumps.

iSmartLine (iSL)

The cryo pumps from the iSmartLine (iSL) range are gradually heated up to room temperature by means of electrical heaters at both cold head stages. Pressure, temperature and heating power are monitored by the COOL.DRIVE I controller.

During the process the pumped gases are released one after the other in the following sequence:

  1. Gases adsorbed at the cryopanels (e.g. hydrogen, helium, neon),
  2. Gases condensed at the cryopanels (e.g. nitrogen, oxygen, argon),
  3. Gases and vapors which have condensed on to the baffle and thermal radiation shield (e.g. water vapor).

The benefit of Leybold’s regeneration process described above is that no additional purge gas is required during the regeneration of inert, unreactive gases.

Your benefits:

  • 3 operation modes for increased cooling performance, energy saving and customized operation available
  • Hydrocarbon-free high vacuum
  • High capacity for argon and hydrogen
  • Fully automatic regeneration through integrated COOL.DRIVE i controller 1)
  • Easy on-site servicing without pump disassembling and reconditioning of the vacuum system possible
  • High pumping speed for water and nitrogen
  • Fast, safe and efficient regeneration with the electric regeneration system

iBasicLine (iBL)

In the case of cryo pumps from the iBasicLine (iBL) range, regeneration takes place manually in two sub-steps: 

  1. Switching off the refrigerator system and waiting until room temperature is reached
  2. Re-cooling after a sufficiently low pressure is reached in the cryo pump

The COOLVAC cryo pumps of the iBasicLine version are identical to the COOLVAC cryo pumps of the iSL version concerning the technical data for pumping speed, capacity, cooldown time, built-in cold heads, maximum throughput, built-in temperature sensors for the second stage (Si diode) and the corresponding current feedthroughs.

The iBasicLine models do not include the COOL.DRIVE I controller as well as heaters, gauges and fore vacuum valve.

Check out the advantages!


The COOLVAC can be automatically controlled by combination with the compact COOL.DRIVE i controller and the MK5 controller of the COOLPAK I compressors (LINK). The Controller is easy to operate for a rapid, reliable and clean regeneration with the high performance, low vibration and energy efficient COOLPOWER cold heads (LINK) and Compressors (LINK) of the respective i series. With three operation modes - boost, eco or standard - for fast cool down, energy saving or standard operation via communication with the COOLPAK i compressor

Safe and Simple

Integrated in these cryo pumps are safety valves according to the EN 4126 standard. The maintenance of the COOLVAC vacuum pumps is equally fast and simple with no need to detach the pump from the system and low cost of ownership.

High Pumping Speed

Highly effective pumping speed for all gases and water vapor in particular the COOLVAC cryo pumps are a great choice. The cryo pumps from both the iBasicLine range as well as those from the iSmartLine range are available in suction capacity classes from 5000 l/s to 60000 l/s.

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