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COOLPAK 5000i - Helium Compressor


Helium compressor units

Oil-lubricated Scroll technology

COOLPAK i compressors are available for single and multiple operation of cold heads from the COOLPOWER i line as well as cryo pumps from the COOLVAC i line.

The COOLPAK i series uses oil lubricated scroll technology with a frequency converter and variable motor speed to offer excellence in system performance, energy demand and work space environment. 

With highly efficient separation and filtration systems the COOLPAK i generates continuous helium gas flow of high purity to the cryogenic systems.

The water cooled helium compressor is controlled and maintained by an internal controller, our Elektronikon, used in several thousands of industrial air compressors. The system offers superior performance for our cryogenic refrigerators and pumps for a wide range of applications

This intelligent helium compressor features variable motor speed technology. Its complete and innovative design with highly efficient filtration systems enables a plug-and-play installation and long-term operation.

A broad range of variants for your application with 8 different models.

The LV/HV models have 2 different types of voltage ranges that can be selected. - 3ph/200V and 3ph/400V/50-60Hz.

The CH variants are suited for applications with 1 or 2 cold heads or refrigerators. CP models are used in applications with 1 or 2 cryo pumps.

The COOLPAK controller can be operated intuitively.

A comfortable color display is used as a graphic user interface to call up menus or to input customized settings easily. Warnings inform about maintenance and service demands.

Multiple controllers can be linked with each other.

COOLPAK i helium compressor

The COOLPAK i helium compressors have a high energy saving potential. The power consumption changes during processing often allowing energy savings of up to 25%.
Typical applications have a fluctuating cooling power demand. Today’s compressor units consume widely constant power nearly independent of power demand. 


  • Adaption of cooling power demand of the process to the motor speed of the refrigerator and/or scroll compressor
  • Efficient hermetic scroll technology with outstanding performance
  • Energy saving electronics
  • Smart pressure difference control
  • Operation exactly at set point – not higher, not lower
  • Load depending speed control to minimize energy demand

Compressor units of the COOLPAK 5000i series are available for single and multiple operation of cryo pumps from the COOLVAC i series and refrigerators of the COOLPOWER i series.

COOLPAK 5000i - Helium Compressor

Check out the advantages!


With programmable operation modes and a display that shows the inlet and discharge pressure, temperatures and different other parameters, you can select customized operation points. Language and units can be selected as well as timers and counters (e.g. running hours, pump starts,...) set. A weekly timer function as well as alarms and warnings are included.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

The COOLPAK i compressor units have been proven to drive cold heads and cryo pumps absolutely reliable and cost-effective. Due to the variable motor speed of the COOLPAK i compressor and the COOLPOWER i cold heads energy can be safed. An elongated maintenance period and the highly efficient filtration system do their part as well. With the filter designed to ensure the maximum of oil retention and to make sure that the oil separators aren’t overloaded the filter cartridge life-time is extended.

Oil-free and Pump Efficiency

The robust design of the COOLPAK I Compressor Units as well as the highly efficient hermetic scroll compressor contribute to the amazing performance. These scroll compressors make for a silent and low vibration operation. With variable motor speed of the compressor and the refrigerator and an internal controller “Elektronikon” Power demand the COOLPAK i compressors are highly efficient.

Compact and easy to use and flexible

The “plug & play” system design supports quickest installation and start-up without complicated programming. The COOLPAK i Compressor Units are easily serviceable as the absorber can be exchanged. One maintenance interval will have up to 22000 hours of running time. With the global voltage compatibility and their small footprint the COOLPAK i Compressors are very flexible.

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