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TURBOLAB Core 250 i with TURBOVAC 250 i and DIVAC 1.4


High vacuum pumping system

A small plug-and-play high vacuum pumping system for research and laboratory and industrial applications

With the TURBOLAB Core you get a cost efficient and easy to use pumping station

This simple pumping station incorporates a turbomolecular pump and a backing pump together with a simple controller, all 3 fitted on a robust baseplate, making it the ideal solution for many applications!

This compact tabletop unit is the perfect entry-level vacuum pump station for every application that requires a clean, dry, stable high and ultra-high vacuum.

The ideal pumping station for many high vacuum applications

  • Research and development
  • High and ultra high vacuum systems
  • Analytics
  • Surface physics
  • High energy physics /accelerators

Compact, dry, high performance pumping station

Built on a single platform, this pumping station is certainly one of the best solutions for most general laboratory needs.

Thanks to its small footprint, low vibrations and noise level the TURBOLAB Core can easily be integrated in your working environment.

The turbomolecular pump

The TURBOLAB Core comes with a choice of 2 TURBOVAC i turbo pumps: so you have the option to select a TURBOVAC 90 i or a TURBOVAC 250 i depending on your pumping speed requirements.

The backing pump

Performance is met thanks to the DIVAC 1.4 diaphragm vacuum pump which fulfills all expectations in terms of reliability, simplicity and precision.

The controller: User friendly interface

  • Displays gauge pressure or turbopump speed.
  • A single start/stop button for the entire pumping station.

Both the operation and the control of the TURBOLAB Core are intuitive and user-friendly - the controller also serves as a speed and pressure display. Optionally, the TURBOVAC i as well as the backing pump DIVAC can be started up with a time delay or pressure-dependent.

The optional accessories

With its one gauge connection the TURBOLAB Core pumping station can be operated with either a:


Additionally you can connect a venting valve with the turbomolecular pump.

TURBOLAB Core digital brochure
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