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Vous appréciez une culture d'entreprise dans laquelle les performances de chaque individu comptent ? Alors commencez avec nous ! Découvrez nos offres d'emploi et postulez directement en ligne.

Flex trainee Leybold

Become a "Flex" - Trainee at Leybold - Get started in the dynamic world of vacuum technique!

Seize the opportunity to gain diverse experience and to develop a broad network as a "Flex trainee". We are looking forward to your application. The program offers flexibility. Within a period of 24 months, you will be able to work in various departments at our location in Cologne as well as other locations worldwide. You have the opportunity to shape your professional development with us according to your own competencies and ideas - no matter whether you are interested in a general program or would like to prepare for a special position. You decide whether you are interested in a cross-departmental and cross-topic assignment or a focused assignment within a specific field.

Flex trainee program

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