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Turbomolecular Pumps


Turbomolecular pump with magnetic rotor suspension

Accuracy, precision, and reliability all-in-one!

The TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA are magnetically levitated pumps: a strong and compact product line for analytical, environmental, research and challenging industrial coating applications.

  • High pumping speed and gas throughput for faster pump down time to improve equipment cycle times. 
  • 5-axis active magnetic bearing and drive system to combine high reliability with safe and efficient operation.
  • Fully integrated converter and power supply: conventional rack-mounted controller and interconnecting cables are no longer necessary.

For safety reasons in case of power loss the MAGiNTEGRA drive system switches into a generator mode to keep the rotor suspended by slow deceleration. When power comes back the pump starts to accelerate up to normal speed automatically.

The MAGiNTEGRA comes with IP 54 protection class, making it an ideal pump in harsh industrial application environments;

These magnetic turbo pumps are used in the pressure range from 10-1 mbar (0.75 x 10-1 Torr) to 10-10 mbar (0.75 x 10-10 Torr). Pumping speeds for air vary from 300 l/s to 2,200 l/s.

The TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA pumps are mostly installed in areas that require:

  • noise- and vibration-free operation, 
  • to be free of hydrocarbons,
  • long maintenance free intervals.



These high vacuum pumps have a high performance in any orientation and can easily be integrated into your system.

MAGiNTEGRA turbomolecular pumps are a space-saving option and belong to the generation of clean high and ultrahigh vacuum.

Their flexible design with a controller on the side or at the bottom and their innovative and modular industrial communication solution simplifies system integration.

Suitable for standard industrial use like: PVD, display, optical and architectural glass coating.


The TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA has high pumping speeds and high compression ratios for all gases.

It is insensitive to:

  • process particles and dust
  • shock venting.

They are hydrocarbon-free pumps to guarantee clean high and ultra-high vacuum conditions.

Compound and classical turbo rotor stages are incorporated as well as an on-board frequency converter and power supply.

All of the above and the extremely low vibrations give them a high degree of operating reliability.

Low in cost and maintenance time

Maintenance-free in most applications with monitoring and self-protection functions.

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