PHOENIX - Maintenance

PHOENIX - Maintenance

Dear Customer,
The leak detectors of the PHOENIX series
are multipurpose helium leak detectors for detection of
lowest detectable local and integral leak rates. They are
equally well suited to both service testing and series

After Sales Services
Wellness-days for stressed leak detectors

Do you experience?

Oil smell from the exhaust?
Losing oil from the external pump?
Values incorrectly measured?

Do you think?

Your leak detector needs a spa treatment and a little
Are you concerned that a service will be time consuming?
Worried a service will be too expensive?
If you answered yes - Place your leak detector in the
hands of our qualified service engineers

What are you waiting for?

Standard maintenance for leak detectors

Visual inspection & function test
Inspection of the components
Cleaning inlet flange and valve’s
Replace valve sealing’s, exhaust gas filter, filter mats, oil
Adjustment of Thermovac tube
Internal leak check
Supply a certificate of performance with calibrated Dakks
test leak

Above maintenance can be carried out at customers site

Price on request